Welcome to the website of Scarborough based professional Photographer Ian Meek LRPS.

My main passion is photographing the Landscapes & Seascapes of the North Yorkshire Coast & surrounding areas, though I do like to change my viewpoint to look into different genres, styles & ideas and I find myself trying to give the simpler things in life a different perspective.

Photography has been a passion within me ever since I was a boy and owned my own film camera, a Kodak Brownie 127. The 'click' of the camera sparked my imagination and interest into the whole magical world of capturing an image through a lens, and developing & enlarging the negative to the final B&W print. This fascination in photography led to my career in the print trade and for over 40 years I have helped produce magazines, catalogues and packaging for all the well-known household brands and high street names as well as some of the most memorable poster campaigns ever printed.

After too many years of being on the back burner my photography has been rekindled with picking up a digital SLR camera with a purely selfish intent...to learn how to capture and photograph my ideas & images, and the landscapes and seascapes that really appeal to me. Some of these scenes will have been photographed many times before.......but then this is my magic, and these are my footprints in the sand.

'Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing & composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph' - Matt Hardy