Wildlife Gallery

Welcome to the new Wildlife Gallery! I am pleased to announce Alex Meek has joined me in our new venture into photographing local & British Wildlife. Alex will be the main wildlife photographer with me adding shots as and when I can as I will still be concentrating on my Land & Seascape images.

Alex previously worked as a sports photographer giving him the ideal skills to help him track moving animals & birds in flight. The new gallery is still a work in progress as we have only just started shooting wildlife this year, but hopefully there will be even more great shots to add to what is already becoming a fantastic new Wildlife Gallery!

Alex Meek Wildlife Photography
Red Squirrels portfolio Kingfishers portfolio
Barn Owl portfolio Puffins portfolio
Tawny Owl portfolio Raptors portfolio
Seabirds & Waders portfolio Field & Garden Birds portfolio
Mute Swan portfolio Game portfolio
Insects portfolio  
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